ClassicPress Community 12

Meet the Community: Linas Šimonis

ClassicPress Forum Handle: LinasSimonis Social media handles: If I am on social media, I am LinasSimonis, but I am not active anywhere. Except Twitter; all posts by @PressHill_Host are posted by me. Yes, this hosting is my new project. We are building quite elitist hosting, and ClassicPress will be among only 3 applications you can […]

Tim Hughes on Mountain

Meet the Community: Tim Hughes

Meet Tim Hughes ClassicPress Slack Handle: 1stepforward ClassicPress Forum Handle: 1stepforward Social media handles: I don’t really do social media. It’s a breeding ground for trolls, haters and attention seekers imho. Having said that, I do recognise that social media can be put to good use and is still essential for many businesses. I recently […]