Welcome to the ClassicPress Brand Guidelines. These guidelines apply to official ClassicPress sites and the official brand colors. This document will help you get to know our brand better. We invite you to explore and check back periodically, as this is a living document and may be modified as our needs evolve. Any time you have questions or suggestions, please let us know.

ClassicPress is made up of volunteers. We welcome designers who wish to contribute their talents to this project. All designs will be vetted by the design lead and other key committee members to ensure that our brand remains consistent across all channels (print, website, social media). To join our team, connect with us via the ClassicPress Design Forum.

Proper usage of our Full Legal Name: ClassicPress
Incorrect: Classic press, Classic Press, Classicpress
Short name: CP

The short name (CP) should only be used if the full name (ClassicPress) has already been used in the document, article, video, etc.

Basic Color Palette

Although there are three main ClassicPress colors, CP makes extensive use of gradients in its brand. For designers who wish to contribute to ClassicPress, we recommend you review the more extensive documentation found at the ClassicPress Design Forum for more detailed usage guidelines.

  • Primary Aqua – #057f99
  • Deep Violet – #361946
  • Mid Violet – #89288f


For readability, ClassicPress uses the Source Sans Pro font family for both headings and body text.

Headers should use Source Sans Pro Semibold, body text should be Source Sans Pro Book.

With regard to colors: #057f99 or #361946 are used for Headers; #040402 is used for paragraphs. #057f99 is used for links. 

See the ClassicPress Design Forum for more detailed guidelines.

Logo and Usage

Classicpress Logo Wordmark Gradient on Transparent SVG

The main ClassicPress logo (“wordmark logo”) uses intercaps and the word “ClassicPress” uses a single color ( #057f99), while the feather symbol uses the aqua gradient designated for iconography.

Classicpress Logo Coin White on Gradient SVG

The secondary logo (“coin logo”) contains the ClassicPress feather icon inside a circular background.

Both versions are also available in white for use on dark backgrounds. Here are all the available logo files in various formats:

Wordmark logo, colored on transparent background
Formats: SVG | PNG: 1200px, 600px | PDF
Wordmark logo, white on transparent background
Formats: SVG | PNG: 1200px, 600px | PDF
Coin logo, white feather on colored gradient background
Formats: SVG | PNG: 1200px, 600px | PDF
Coin logo, colored feather on white background
Formats: SVG | PNG: 1200px, 600px | PDF
Feather icon, colored on transparent background
Formats: SVG | PNG: 1200px, 600px | PDF
Feather icon, white on transparent background
Formats: SVG | PNG: 1200px, 600px | PDF

You can also browse these files on GitHub or download a zip archive that contains all the logo files.

Care should always be taken to ensure a proper amount of clear space is provided around the logo. This space ensures legibility and isolates the logo from any other competing graphic elements.

In all circumstances, the logo should be easy to read.

Secondary Logos

When against a colored or busy background, a solid white or black variant of the logo may be used at the discretion of the designer.

The coin logo can be used in place of the primary logo when the full primary logo is not necessary or in cases where the brand name is already displayed in plain text. For example, the feather could be used as a profile photo on social media, because the username (ClassicPress) will be adjacent to it, in plain text. Please note that the feather coin should not be used by third parties on its own without the full primary logo also present.

Logo Usage Guidelines


  • Don’t use an out-of-date version of the logo.
  • Don’t change the ClassicPress colors.
  • Don’t modify the logo in any way, such as adding visual effects, angling, or rotating.
  • Don’t use the logo in a phrase or sentence.
  • Don’t lock up or otherwise visually connect the ClassicPress logo with another logo.
  • Don’t mimic any ClassicPress branding (logos, typography or color palette) in non-ClassicPress materials. 
  • Third parties are not permitted to use the ClassicPress feather symbol or feather coin on its own without the full primary logo also being present. Please contact the Design Team Lead if you have questions regarding usage.
  • Unless otherwise agreed upon, third parties must make clear that they are not endorsed or approved by, associated or affiliated with, ClassicPress. 
  • ClassicPress typically does not allow third-party use of our logo or brand features to create paraphernalia or swag. If you would like to propose usage of our logo in this manner, please contact the Design Team Lead for further discussion.


This Style Guide provides our requirements regarding use of the the ClassicPress logo and its variants available for use or download from the ClassicPress website or any other third party channels.

The ClassicPress logo and feather symbol are the sole and exclusive property of ClassicPress. ClassicPress retains the copyright for all brand assets and collateral created for ClassicPress.

ClassicPress permits the use of our logo solely for editorial or information purposes. By using our logo, you agree to adhere to our brand guidelines. ClassicPress retains the right to enforce any and all moral and usage rights under applicable copyright and trademark law.

As the need to address future branding concerns arises, we may cancel, modify, or change the terms of these guidelines from time to time without notice. You are responsible for complying with any modified terms, so please review these guidelines and become familiar with any modifications we publish.

Feedback and questions may be directed to the Design Team Lead on our Marketing & Design forum.