ClassicPress is a volunteer-powered organization. Each contribution to the project is made by a volunteer working for free. Without their generosity, ClassicPress would still be just an idea.

About donations to ClassicPress

The money you donate will be spent wisely and we will be transparent about how we spend it, releasing detailed annual reports. Your donations help to cover our operating costs, such as servers and hosting. Every little bit helps, especially if you’re able to make a recurring donation!

If you pay United States taxes then your donation is tax-deductible: the ClassicPress project is under the direction of The ClassicPress Initiative, which is a registered nonprofit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code.

Donations are processed securely using Classic Commerce (our community fork of WooCommerce) and Stripe. Your credit card information is never stored on our servers.

After donating, you’ll receive emails with a receipt and instructions on how to manage your recurring donation (if applicable).

Recurring donations

Recurring: $5/month
Recurring: $10/month
Recurring: $30/month
Recurring: $15/month
Recurring: $60/month
Recurring: $90/month
Recurring: $custom/month
(Minimum amount: $8)

One-time donations

One-time: $5
One-time: $10
One-time: $15
One-time: $30
One-time: $60
One-time: $90
One-time: $custom
(Minimum amount: $8)

All donation amounts are in US dollars.

Want to pay using US ACH (direct debit)? Need help with your donation? Get in touch with us using this site’s contact form.