Award-Winning Website Built with ClassicPress

We are delighted to report that a website built with ClassicPress has just won a prestigious national award in the United States. TryFile, a site that enables US law schools to have their students learn how to file court documents correctly, has just been awarded the Innovations in Technology prize by the American Association of […]

The i18n Team is Back on Track

After the COVID crisis, the huge endeavor our core team undertook to release ClassicPress v2 (codename Bella) by re-forking WordPress, the release of the new plugins and themes directory with its integration plugin, and all the ongoing work that resulted in a big improvement in the migration plugin — not to mention all the accessibility […]

HTML5 By Default

Version 2 of ClassicPress has been out for a couple of weeks now, so perhaps it’s time to start exploring its new features. While much of version 2 adds non-block features forked from WordPress, ClassicPress also now boasts some features of its own. One of these features is that ClassicPress now outputs HTML5 by default. […]