Classicpress 76pct

Help ClassicPress Reach Fundraising Goal – We Need $294

Two weeks ago we launched a fundraising campaign to help ClassicPress with operating expenses.¬† Our goal is $1200/year or $100/month. In two weeks, 15 financial contributors helped raise 76% ($906) of our budget goal. This includes our first official sponsor – Brinkman IT. THANK YOU, EVERYONE! Now, we’re only $294 short of reaching our budget […]

Donate To Classicpress Open Collective

Support ClassicPress And See Your Donations in Action

In the past, ClassicPress received some donations without any solicitation. A handful of individuals shouldn’t carry the financial burden of the entire project.¬†ClassicPress is a community-driven and supported project, the community should come together and fund the project if they want the project to survive and thrive. This is why we’ve begun streamlining the donation […]

Classicpress Directory Update

Plugin/Theme Directory Moving to ClassicPress

As we transition to the new leadership, we are beginning to work on improving our infrastructure. That includes the plugin/theme directory. The current directory was built using Laravel, a great PHP framework. It served its purpose of allowing us to begin accepting plugins. Unfortunately, we don’t have anyone with Laravel experience to continue improving and […]