Answers to some commonly asked questions

We hope to be able to answer many of your questions here in this FAQ but we understand you will very likely have other questions too. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here or on the rest of our website, we’d love it if you popped into our forums and ask whatever question(s) you need answering.

What is ClassicPress?

What is the difference between ClassicPress and Classic Editor?

Who is ClassicPress for?

What is your stance on backward compatibility?

What is new/different in ClassicPress v1?

Will my current plugins and themes work in ClassicPress?

Can I convert a WordPress site to ClassicPress – and what if I don’t like it?

Why should I migrate from WordPress?

How can I indicate my plugin/theme is compatible with CP?

I think I found a bug – what do I do?

I need help with something else, what should I do?