Join The ClassicPress Community

Our community is vital to our core mission and we love it when members get involved and add their voice to the conversation.

There are many ways you can get involved. You don’t need to be a developer or have any technical knowledge. Just an interest in ClassicPress and an appetite to help it succeed.

We’re a team of volunteers working on ClassicPress in our spare time. We’re attempting to change the world on borrowed time and shoestring budgets — any help you can give us will be gratefully received. Just a couple of hours can make a difference.

Install ClassicPress and let us know if you encounter any issues. Then, help us get the word out! One easy and effective way to do this is to contact the authors of your favorite plugins and themes on Twitter.

Beyond that, ClassicPress has a Management Committee which oversees most of the high-level decision-making. In addition, ClassicPress’ day-to-day activities are organized into teams. Here are our currently active teams and their team leaders. Ping them on Slack if you’d like to join their team.

Community led by Wade Striebel

The Community team (Community category on our forums; #community on Slack) is generally responsible for managing and maintaining our forums and other areas of engagement with our users. Community moderators also fall under this team.

Documentation awaiting a lead – get in touch with us!

The Documentation team (Documentation category on our forums; #docs on Slack) is responsible for maintaining the site and several pages on the main site. Note that some of these pages should only be updated with input from other teams (for example, Design & Marketing for the Brand Guidelines page, and the full Management Committee for our key governance documents including the Our Democracy and Roadmap pages).

To contribute to the documentation site, see this guide. Keep in mind that we need to de-duplicate and streamline content rather than just adding more pages / more sources.

Translations led by Elisabetta Carrara

The Translations team (Internationalisation category on our forums; #i18n on Slack) is responsible for maintaining the site and ensuring high-quality translations for ClassicPress itself. In the future this team will also handle translations for plugins, themes and documentation.

Core Development led by James Nylen

The Core Development or Core team (Core Development category on our forums; #core on Slack) is responsible for maintaining the ClassicPress code itself. This is done on GitHub with the help of multiple contributors.

ClassicPress follows the well-defined semver standard for release versioning. Major and minor releases are approved by the management committee, and patch versions related to bugfixes or security changes are prepared and released by the Core team in coordination with the Security team.

Design & Marketing led by Michelle Coe

The Design & Marketing team (Design & Marketing category on our forums; #design and #marketing on Slack) is responsible for maintaining our graphic assets such as logos, and all things related to promotion of ClassicPress, including our official blog and social media accounts, and fundraising activities.

Blog led by Patrick Klein

The Blog team (#marketing on Slack) is responsible for the official ClassicPress Blog. We are always open to guest posts and tutorials, so please reach out if you are willing to write a post for us.

Ecosystem led by Tim Hughes

The Ecosystem team (Ecosystem category on our forums; #ecosystem on Slack) is responsible for managing the various technological components that, collectively, support and integrate with ClassicPress to help make it stronger, more viable and more productive.

This includes managing the approval process for plugins transitioning from ClassicPress research to official ClassicPress supported plugins, in addition to providing clear ownership and consistent values for all such plugins as they mature. Another important area is reaching out to and working with third-party developers, hosting companies and other providers that may potentially have an interest in supporting ClassicPress at a technical level.

Infrastructure led by James Nylen

The Infrastructure team is responsible for maintaining the various official ClassicPress servers and sites.

Security led by Charles Lecklider

The Security team (Security category on our forums; #security on Slack) is responsible for ensuring that ClassicPress maintains its commitment to “Security First”. This encompasses multiple activities in collaboration with almost all other teams.