We’re a team of volunteers working on ClassicPress in our spare time. We’re attempting to change the world on borrowed time and shoestring budgets — any help you can give us will be gratefully received. Just a couple of hours can make a difference.

Install ClassicPress and let us know if you encounter any issues. Then, help us get the word out! One easy and effective way to do this is to contact the authors of your favorite plugins and themes on Twitter.

Beyond that, here are our currently active teams and their team leaders. Ping them on Slack if you’d like to join their team.

Community led by Wade Striebel
Development led by James Nylen
Documentation (pending)
Fundraising led by Scott Bowler
Marketing led by Michelle Coe and Ray Gulick
Design led by Michelle Coe
Security led by Charles Lecklider
Translations led by Daniele Scasciafratte
Quality Assurance led by Rui Guerreiro