Where is ClassicPress headed?

ClassicPress River

A river is an interesting study of progress in life and business. It starts with a trickle and gathers momentum, winding its way around obstacles. It forges ahead, sometimes moving quickly and at other times it appears to not be moving at all. However, even during those times when the surface water is still, you can be sure that the water is still moving toward the goal.

Such is the pattern we see as ClassicPress winds its way toward v1. Each community member contributes in their area of expertise, and daily we draw closer to launch. Sometimes that progress is clearly evident; other times it is hidden below the surface, but it’s all good progress.

More Than Just Pretty Words

The promise of longevity for ClassicPress has been a point of discussion from time to time on the forums. People want to be assured that people at ClassicPress really mean what they say, and that they’ll really do what they said they would do. As a business owner these assurances would be welcome not just for my own business, but for all the businesses I serve. Even so, without action, promises of longevity are nothing but words.

It has been said that business owners are risk averse, but I disagree. Entrepreneurialism is not for the faint-hearted and it takes a unique combination of talent, skill, luck and drive to succeed as a business owner. Business ownership teaches you plenty, but one of the most important lessons is that words are important, but following up those words with action is what really matters in the end.

Vision + Action = Longevity

In the last six months, we’ve established ClassicPress, built a firm organizational foundation, created and launched our BETA, and formed a thriving community. We continue to drive forward in the final preparations for our v1 launch. We started with words, and each day as we move past a variety of obstacles, we prove ourselves by following up our words with action.

So what comes next? And what about longevity?

ClassicPress is a community-led open source project, and the success or failure of ClassicPress is 100% dependent on that community. Our community determines the direction we take in v2 and beyond, and the choices made by the community will need to be followed up with action by the community, or ClassicPress cannot succeed.

Realistically, longevity potential can only be demonstrated over time by consistently delivering on commitments made. However, we can look at commitments fulfilled over a short period and project how things might continue, given the right circumstances. Ultimately, the greatest variable in all of this is the commitment of the community to continue donating their time, energy, and funds to the project.

Our Longevity Depends on You

Our active and enthusiastic steering committee has committed to making ClassicPress a reality. We have accomplished quite a bit over the last several months and we have a clear long-term vision for the future. However, the committee cannot do it alone. Like a river requires momentum and persistence to carve a path to the sea, ClassicPress needs the combined effort and enthusiasm of each individual contributor to lead us to our ultimate goal: to be the content management system of choice for professionals and businesses worldwide.

If you’d like to help us, jump in — the water is fine! You can learn more about all the ways you can contribute here.

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