Get involved!

We’re a team up of volunteers working on ClassicPress in our spare time. We’re attempting to change the world on borrowed time and shoe string budgets – any help you can give us will be gratefully received. Just a few hours per week can make a difference.

Below are our currently active teams and their team leaders, ping them on Slack if you’d like to join their team.

  • Community led by Wade Striebel
  • Development led by James Nylen
  • Documentation (pending)
  • Fundraising led by Scott Bowler
  • Marketing led by Scott Bowler
  • Design led by Michelle Coe
  • Security led by Charles Lecklider
  • Translations led by Daniele Scasciafratte
  • Quality Assurance led by Rui Guerreiro

The best place to start is by joining us on Slack and simply asking “What can I do to help?” – someone will jump in to welcome you and make a few suggestions.