Plugin/Theme Directory Moving to ClassicPress

Classicpress Directory Update

As we transition to the new leadership, we are beginning to work on improving our infrastructure. That includes the plugin/theme directory.

The current directory was built using Laravel, a great PHP framework. It served its purpose of allowing us to begin accepting plugins. Unfortunately, we don’t have anyone with Laravel experience to continue improving and managing the directory. What we do have is plenty of ClassicPress developers.

Based on past discussions throughout the years, many community members wanted ClassicPress to power the directory. That’s why we decided to begin work on migrating the directory to ClassicPress.

@timkaye will lead the project. We estimate to have a working directory by the end of the year. The current directory will continue to accept plugins.

The ClassicPress-powered directory will include:

  • Plugin listings
  • Theme listings
  • Snippet library (you probably forgot about this but if time permits we will add this)
  • Private forum for the review team to communicate with developers

Using ClassicPress to power our directory will be a good case study to show that ClassicPress can easily support an advanced, multi-user application with an API. We need to practice what we preach.

Anyone willing to help, feel free to reach out to us.

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Notable Replies

  1. Signing up to join work on this one

  2. Thanks! I’ll get it started and then put something on Github, which I’ll announce. If you’re comfortable with Github, you can open issues or PRs there. If not, you can make comments and suggestions here on the forums.

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