GitHub Desktop – Step 6 – Revise

Step 6 Another Commit


This article is part of a series on Github Desktop. For the introductory piece you can visit here.

Sometimes you might find the need to make some extra changes to your initial pull request, or perhaps the maintainers of the “official” repo have suggested you make some revisions. It’s recommended NOT to open a new PR for this – just do another commit to your file(s) in local, push to origin, and your latest changes will automatically flow through to the existing PR on upstream.

If you do need to make some revisions for some reason, it’s very easy. But before you start editing any files, first make absolutely sure you are still working in the correct current branch in GitHub Desktop. The procedure is the same as before.

  1. GitHub Desktop will again show you the files that have been changed.
  2. You need to enter a descriptive name for this edit.
  3. Then commit.

You will then be prompted to push the changes to origin and the commit will flow through to be added to your existing pull request.



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