New Directory of Themes and Plugins is Now Live!

We are pleased to announce that the new iteration of the ClassicPress Directory of plugins and themes is now live. Unlike the previous version, the new one is built using ClassicPress itself. This means it can act like a showcase for ClassicPress, as well as being much easier to update and maintain.


Developers wishing to submit a theme or plugin should first register with the Directory. After logging in, they then need to choose a method for two-factor authentication for their account. This will alert the ClassicPress administrators to approve your registration.

You may then submit your theme or plugin using the appropriate form. A link on the form itself will also remind you to check that your theme or plugin complies with the requirements for being listed on the Directory. Please note that these requirements are slightly different from those in place for the previous version of the Directory.

Registrations with, and submissions to, the staging version of the Directory will no longer be accepted. In fact, the staging version will soon be taken down.


Users wishing to try out a theme or plugin from the Directory should download and install the ClassicPress Directory Integration plugin.


The following have contributed to creating the new Directory:

Notable Replies

  1. Brilliant! Thanks!

  2. This is excellent news. Thanks to all involved.

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