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ClassicPress was founded with a simple principle: that all decisions were community led and that a single person couldn’t force through their desires. 
My goal with ClassicPress was to create an organisation that could flourish without a figurehead and could continue into the future without relying on a traditional power structure (and to avoid another situation like the Gutenberg fiasco).
Although I was the founder, that didn’t grant me any privileges above and beyond being on the initial guiding committee, and as we know, each committee member can’t hold that position forever. 
Sadly, about six months into the ClassicPress adventure my life changed. I won’t go into any details as the matters are very personal, but suffice to say, it meant I had to step away from my daily interactions with the ClassicPress experiment.
This was not an easy thing to do – I had made promises to the community that I was in it for the long haul and yet in an instant I completely disappeared from the public eye. I pride myself on being a man of my word, and yet here I was breaking those promises. 
For this I truly apologise – both for my sudden disappearance and for leaving my fellow committee members short-handed and for breaking personal promises I made to them. 
I am also eternally grateful to everyone for rallying behind me – the support I received was incredible. I would like to say a special thank you to Michelle Coe – your kindness helped me significantly through this difficult time. Of course, it goes without saying that I’m also hugely grateful to James, Wade, Tim and all the other committee members for quietly and graciously continuing with ClassicPress in my absence. 
ClassicPress has a heart and soul created by the kindness, generosity, honesty and passion of the people who guide it. I’m extremely proud to say that I created ClassicPress – not because we’ve created the first viable fork of WordPress, but instead because of the people who are involved with it. An organisation is only as good as its people, and it’s safe to say that ClassicPress is something truly remarkable because of you – the people involved. 
For better or worse my life has continued to change in the past year, and it is with sadness that today I announce my official departure from the project for the foreseeable future.
However, there is also an element of pride and excitement – ClassicPress has shown that it IS a community-led project and has continued to grow and flourish. I can’t wait to see where it goes next and I hope that one day I can once again contribute to its future. 
~ Scott Bowler,
Founder of ClassicPress

Notable Replies

  1. So desperately sorry to hear that. But rather than being sorry, Scott should be proud. He’s given us ClassicPress. He’s also given us hope.

    And I hope we see him back here soon!

  2. Avatar for Aussie Aussie says:

    While I knew that there had been a personal problem, I didn’t know what it was. The fact that I still don’t is testament to the integrity of the ClassicPress committee. And the community as a whole.

    Scott suddenly disappeared and not many people ever seemed to ask where he had gone or why. The fact that the founder had gone MIA never made it to the media. For something like that to not attract attention from the press or WP die-hards is extraordinary.

    I am glad Scott has made this announcement, before the rumours started. It would not have been an easy decision and shows the humility of the man.

    I wish you all the best Scott and hope that one day you can rejoin the community as the founding father.

  3. I’d realised I’d not seen Scott around for a while, but hadn’t thought much about it as the project carried on with the committee making decisions and taking it forward as it was set up to do.

    I wish Scott all the best.

  4. Avatar for klein klein says:

    Well, good man, you succeeded in that! Take all the time you need, and know you started something beautiful, and the community will carry it for you!

  5. I took my time to think.
    At a certain point Scott, you disappeared.
    I know life can throw curve balls fairly enough, and that people have a right to privacy.
    But you made an impression on me, a very good one.
    So from time to time I went online, to see if there were traces, breadcrumbs.
    Asking, in my way of seeing thing, is like soliciting someone to say something when maybe this is not appropriate. So I kept silent, and watched out.
    I thought that the best way to help you was to get involved here.
    Nobody builds a legacy to see it crumble down.
    You wrote once that ClassicPress is your legacy. Something you want to pass onto future generations.
    ClassicPress evolved thanks to the seeds you planted. Your values and vision are engrained inside the project and have guided us along.
    It’s your right to have privacy, I respect that.
    It’s your right to decide to step out.
    Know that I truly respect you as a person, and I’ll never question these decisions.
    But I want to let you know also a couple of things:
    ClassicPress has given me more than I thought possible when first switching my site.
    It’s not about me, but know that it helped me across one of my darkest times.
    I believe this is because of the seeds you planted in it.
    So I decided to step up and roll my sleeves even more… And again, ClassicPress gave me more than I expected.
    All because of you.
    So, please, do remember you have a friend in Italy. Whatever this friend can possibly do for you, just ask.
    Because, man, you really built a legacy. And that legacy started to change people’s lives for the better. Or at least, it changed mine.
    Stay safe, take care.
    Remember you have friends supporting you.

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