Introducing the new ClassicPress Website

Just over one year ago ClassicPress was started by Scott. Today, we have ClassicPress V1 out in the wild, are working hard towards V2, and are continuing to see our community grow. With the one year mark we are excited to announce a new website for ClassicPress.

This website was built by our community, and it is these same community members who help push ClassicPress forward and will ensure we succeed long term on our mission to become the business CMS. 

This website has been a long time coming, so a special thank you to @timkaye, @raygulick, @codepotent, @1stepforward, @horlaes, @blueskyphoenix, (and others I am forgetting) for helping get it ready. 

If you notice any issues please let us know on GitHub

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  1. Well done team!

  2. Avatar for roald roald says:

    Looks great - good work

  3. Big congrats, it’s a massive improvement! Excellent work.

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