Author: Elisabetta Carrara

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How to install ClassicPress in Softaculous installer

We have discussed before how to move an existing site into Softaculous here. But how do you install a new site? Easy! Here’s how.

BEFORE INSTALL: Make sure your hosting supports PHP 7.0 and above, recommended when installing ClassicPress

Step 1: Getting started

Open Softaculous and search for ClassicPress in the search bar, then open the ClassicPress summary page – As you can see there is an option to install:

There are two install methods, Quick Install and Custom Install:

Below, choose the appropriate step 2 for Quick or Custom.

Step 2: Quick Install

As you can see from the screenshot below, the only information required for this method are Domain, Installation Folder and Admin Account

After entering the info just hit the install button at the bottom of the page and you will be redirected to:

SUCCESS!! You have installed ClassicPress from the Softaculous installer!

Step 2: Custom Install

The Custom Install is recommended for advanced users who need more set up options.

Just select Custom Install from the drop-down and you will be redirected to this:

Here you can fill in Software Setup, Site Settings, Admin Account and Advanced Options (DISCLAIMER: this is a test site, created on a testing free hosting, options shown may vary according to the settings your hosting allows for Softaculous), then all you need to do is hit the Install button at the bottom of the page, and you will be redirected to this:

SUCCESS!! You have installed ClassicPress from Softaculous installer!

ClassicPress made it to Softaculous!

Tim Hughes and James Nylen did it again. ClassicPress has been added to Softaculous in version 5.3.5. Now you can use the Softaculous one-click installer to install a new ClassicPress site, or import your existing installs into Softaculous as ClassicPress. Of course, it is important to know how to import these sites, so below you will find a tutorial.

Moving your site into Softaculous

If you currently have an existing site and want to move it into Softaculous, here is how you do it.

You may want to do this under the following circumstances:

  • You have an existing site that was originally installed as a WordPress site by Softaculous, but you’ve migrated this site to ClassicPress.
  • You have an existing ClassicPress site, and you’d like to manage its updates using Softaculous.

Step 1: Disconnect your current install.

If you have a site installed in Softaculous as a WordPress site, you will first need to remove it from the existing management system so that Softaculous doesn’t detect your ClassicPress site incorrectly and prompt you to “upgrade WordPress”.

If your site was not installed by Softaculous as a WordPress site, then you can skip this step.

Reach the “All Installs” button located top right and click it.

Next, select the install you need to disconnect and click the red X

Disconnect the existing install from Softaculous

Now uncheck all the boxes as per the screenshot below, this will disconnect the install from Softaculous without touching the files and database.

Uncheck all the boxes

After this, click on Remove Install at the bottom of the page as shown here:

Remove Install

You will be warned that the operation can’t be reverted, click ok.

Step 2: Importing into Softaculous

Now, all you have to do is import the site in Softaculous linking it to ClassicPress, so that it can be managed via Softaculous.

Search for ClassicPress (in the Portals/CMS category) and select the ClassicPress page within the installer.

Click import as shown below:

Importing into Softaculous

On the tab From this Server fill in the required information (http/https and the folder) and click the Import button at the bottom of the page:

Fill in the required information

Step 3: Hold your breath

This page:

ClassicPress has been imported into Softaculous

means you successfully imported your install as ClassicPress in Softaculous!

Step 4: Rejoice