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Message from Scott Bowler

ClassicPress was founded with a simple principle: that all decisions were community led and that a single person couldn’t force through their desires. 
My goal with ClassicPress was to create an organisation that could flourish without a figurehead and could continue into the future without relying on a traditional power structure (and to avoid another situation like the Gutenberg fiasco).
Although I was the founder, that didn’t grant me any privileges above and beyond being on the initial guiding committee, and as we know, each committee member can’t hold that position forever. 
Sadly, about six months into the ClassicPress adventure my life changed. I won’t go into any details as the matters are very personal, but suffice to say, it meant I had to step away from my daily interactions with the ClassicPress experiment.
This was not an easy thing to do – I had made promises to the community that I was in it for the long haul and yet in an instant I completely disappeared from the public eye. I pride myself on being a man of my word, and yet here I was breaking those promises. 
For this I truly apologise – both for my sudden disappearance and for leaving my fellow committee members short-handed and for breaking personal promises I made to them. 
I am also eternally grateful to everyone for rallying behind me – the support I received was incredible. I would like to say a special thank you to Michelle Coe – your kindness helped me significantly through this difficult time. Of course, it goes without saying that I’m also hugely grateful to James, Wade, Tim and all the other committee members for quietly and graciously continuing with ClassicPress in my absence. 
ClassicPress has a heart and soul created by the kindness, generosity, honesty and passion of the people who guide it. I’m extremely proud to say that I created ClassicPress – not because we’ve created the first viable fork of WordPress, but instead because of the people who are involved with it. An organisation is only as good as its people, and it’s safe to say that ClassicPress is something truly remarkable because of you – the people involved. 
For better or worse my life has continued to change in the past year, and it is with sadness that today I announce my official departure from the project for the foreseeable future.
However, there is also an element of pride and excitement – ClassicPress has shown that it IS a community-led project and has continued to grow and flourish. I can’t wait to see where it goes next and I hope that one day I can once again contribute to its future. 
~ Scott Bowler,
Founder of ClassicPress

A blog post about the ClassicPress blog, and how you can help!

This is a somewhat more meta article about the making of articles for the ClassicPress blog. A lot happens behind the scenes when we bring you a new article. I’ve had lots of contact with people about almost everything we post here. Who am i? Well you know who I am as my name is in the author card of this article. But what I do might not be widely known. I am Klein, editor of the ClassicPress Blog. I’ve worked at the blog under the supervision of marketing leads Ray Gulick and Michelle Coe for about 7 months and have really enjoyed doing so. I have worked with many amazing people in the community like John Alarcon and Alan Coggins to get an article out there each week. And I am also always looking for more people to work with!

The article making process

Most of the things I start writing never hit the blog. Not because they’re rejected, but because I throw them away as uninteresting or lacking. More easy are the collaborations with others. Often the tutorials we publish are republished from another blog. Here the only challenge is selecting things that are interesting and approaching the original writer about being featured. A little more challenging but still relatively easy are the Meet the Community pieces were we approach a member of the community and do a feature on them. Most often it is the community member themselves who does most of the work in writing about themselves. As the editor we only spellcheck and provide follow-up questions to expand the feature where necessary.

When all text is written or put together, it is send over to the marketing leads for a final review (Please don’t be to hard on this one 😉 ). If everything is okay we go into the publishing phase. Often we prepare an article at least a week before it goes live. In cases of republishing this is of course so that the original publisher gets all the initial traffic. But even in our own cases it’s good to have something ready so that we can take our time making corrections. Also we try to have something in the back so that if I miss a week for whatever reason, we don’t have an empty blog.

Then we finally hit the date of publishing, this goes pretty much automatically. There is a nifty system built into the site that automatically creates a topic on the forum for discussion of the article and like we all know, scheduling an article based on server time is really easy in ClassicPress. I personally always enjoy seeing a new article go up, and I do hope the community (that’s you) does as well.

Why are you writing this?

That is an interesting question, thank you for asking, me. The honest answer is that we could use some help. We want to make interesting content for everyone. With the tutorials and Meet the Community articles, I hope we’ve been doing that. But we could use some fresh insight. Do you have a tutorial you would love to share with the community? Interesting ClassicPress related news? An opinion piece you really want to share? or something else noteworthy? Please share it with me! You can reach me on the ClassicPress slack or through the forums.

Introducing the new ClassicPress Website

Just over one year ago ClassicPress was started by Scott. Today, we have ClassicPress V1 out in the wild, are working hard towards V2, and are continuing to see our community grow. With the one year mark we are excited to announce a new website for ClassicPress.

This website was built by our community, and it is these same community members who help push ClassicPress forward and will ensure we succeed long term on our mission to become the business CMS. 

This website has been a long time coming, so a special thank you to @timkaye, @raygulick, @codepotent, @1stepforward, @horlaes, @blueskyphoenix, (and others I am forgetting) for helping get it ready. 

If you notice any issues please let us know on GitHub

Directors Added to ClassicPress Limited

ClassicPress has, and always will be, a community-led project. My goal from the outset was to create a structure where democracy rules and no single person could change the direction of ClassicPress without oversight and checks and balances.

It is therefore with great pleasure that I announce the appointment of three new Directors to ClassicPress Limited.

Michelle Coe, James Nylen and Wade Striebel have been pivotal in shaping, building and delivering ClassicPress to a worldwide audience and they have proven through actions their commitment to the long-term success of ClassicPress. It is an honour to welcome them as Directors of ClassicPress Limited.

This is an exciting step in the journey of ClassicPress, and I hope over time we will explore more ways to officially give ownership of ClassicPress to the community who continues to bring it to life.

I’d also like to express my everlasting gratitude to my fellow committee members and members of the community. Your generosity and hard work in making ClassicPress a reality is a gift to the world.

Scott Bowler, Founder

What is missing in the ClassicPress project that you could contribute to?

Every open source project has an amazing community where individuals can use their particular skillset to help the project evolve. To ensure the project is managed and promoted in a way that maintains its primary objective, it needs feedback and help from the ever-growing user base.

One of the reasons we created ClassicPress was because WordPress was not listening to its users. We do not want to make the same mistake. This project has a simple motto, “The business-focused CMS. Powerful. Versatile. Predictable”.

And we need you!

Committee members are continually improving the project in all areas, from coding to marketing, but they can’t do everything on their own. Every project born from a fork has a lot of work to do, especially in areas such as new infrastructure, defining roles, procedures, tools and organizing tasks. ClassicPress is up against a big competitor in WordPress and it is not easy to compete without resources, which in our case, comes down to people.

ClassicPress is a community-led project, and anyone can contribute to it. Since the project started, many people have helped in a variety of areas, and we are certainly very grateful for that. You can clearly see this in the discussions on our public forums and our Slack channels. We couldn’t have launched Aurora without you!

As we move toward version 2, we need your support.

Many people are watching ClassicPress to see what we will do, and we need more hands to move it forward. If you are not a developer, designer, marketer or a native English speaker, you may be wondering, “How can I help?”

Well, you are already contributing to the project by reading this article! 🙂

Actually, it is very easy to contribute, depending on your available time. We have prepared a small list of example tasks where you can help the project and be part of our community.

Let’s start!

  • Join the forums and our Slack channels
    • In the forums, subscribe to the categories that you are interested in most and join discussions
    • On Slack, join our public meetings
  • Help us with theme development for the ClassicPress website
  • Help us with promotion on Twitter and other social media platforms by sharing our content (or writing your own!)
  • Spread the word about the project with your co-workers or at events
  • Help us with writing documentation about ClassicPress
    • If you do video, we would also like some short videos about ClassicPress
  • Test various WordPress plugins with ClassicPress and ask plugin authors to support it
  • If you are not a native English speaker, contribute to the localizing of the code messages in your language
  • If you are a developer, check the GitHub issues and join discussions or make pull requests
  • Donate a small sum of money to enable the infrastructure to keep growing

We invite you to help us by finding the areas where we are lacking — how can we make it easier for you to contribute to ClassicPress?

We look forward to your comments!

Photo by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash