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Meet the Community: Ilya Ivanov

Your name: Ilya Ivanov

ClassicPress Slack Handle: @norske

ClassicPress Forum Handle: @norske

Social media handles: @norskes (Instagram & Facebook)

Where in the world are you located? Vitebsk, Belarus.

Website: Oh, that’s funny. I’ve been building and supporting websites for ages, but have no personal one since ~2010 🙂 Typically once a year I think “Well, it would be nice to create a public portfolio showing some new cool technologies/skills there”. This flash of enthusiasm makes me spend a weekend or two creating another concept. But honestly I don’t really need a public portfolio at all because I get 99 % of orders via personal recommendations. So I play with a new concept for a couple of days and then sell it to some local studio or use it as a basis for some client’s project 🙂

Tell us about yourself — occupation, hobbies, etc.

Since 2011 I’ve built websites using WordPress and since 2015 also worked as an independent UI/UX-designer for several small studios and agencies. My clients usually stay with me for 5+ years and longer, so I typically support 20-30 WP websites at once. I’m also involved in some small collaborative projects as a co-founder and a marketing director.

Before that, I used to be a copywriter for about 5 or 6 years. My native language is Russian. (It’s one of the two official languages in Belarus). Sometimes I create articles for local IT communities. In my free time I also compose short tales and funny stories to entertain my friends. I’m not writing texts for money anymore, but I keep doing it for myself as a hobby. Last month I won 2nd place in a contest of sci-fi tales held by Russian Wikipedia and Union of writers. It’s nice to compete sometimes. Just for fun. Such things bring me additional inspiration although I don’t take them too seriously.

My other hobby is hiking. I really love Belarusian nature. And walking is a kinda drug: once it’s getting to be a habit you can’t quit. I have to walk at least 5-8 km per day (about an hour) just to feel myself “as usual”. And once a month I go to the country side and walk 30-40 km through the fields or woods. This gives me a great opportunity to consider something or to make complex decisions when needed.

Other than the alarm clock, what gets you up in the morning?

I’m motivated by default. 🙂 Life is awesome. When I was 19 I worked at funeral services so I made about 500+ coffins by hand. That time I also studied at the faculty of history and learned philosophy. Those things taught me that life and time are the most valuable concepts themselves. Living in this world in the 21st century is a miracle, you know. When you realize that, you don’t need any additional motivation to get up. (However, this doesn’t mean I’m always in a good mood. No, my face doesn’t look shiny when I wake up, I guess) 🙂 But a breakfast and a cup of tea/coffee usually help to recall all the positive basics.

What’s your dream job?

Actually, I don’t want to have a “job” at all. I’ve been self-employed the most part of my life. So I usually dream about projects, not jobs. The right to choose what to do and what not to do seems very important to me. And it’s ok to pay some costs for this independence. Normally I decline up to 50% of projects/offers for different reasons. Not sure if there exists a job that suits such a vision. But I eagerly join a project if I find it interesting, challenging or promising. Today there are plenty of ways to organize collaboration and to do things that you love. Applying for a job is just an option 🙂

How did you hear about ClassicPress, and what made you want to get involved?

I’m a typical Gutenberg refugee. The forced core integration made me look for alternatives. I’m still ok with WP for now, but it obviously is moving in another direction, which is not suitable for me and my clients in the long perspective. So I have to prepare a gradual migration to another CMS or a fork.

Search results mentioned ClassicPress several times. I went to the website, started reading the petitions section and the forums. I liked the roadmap and the whole direction. The idea of removing excessive features is quite in demand, that is exactly what I want for my sites. And most of the suggestions describe exactly the same things that I usually have to tune and implement myself in almost all commercial projects. All this looks very promising, kinda improved WP for professional use.

And it was a pleasure to discover the Community with the same priorities. I was happy to see that I’m not the only person concerned about such “unusual” requirements as low support costs, higher security, advanced monitoring tools, standardization, client-side design limitations etc. Focusing on this means that ClassicPress community is much closer to understanding business needs and goals.

How does ClassicPress fit into your overall plans for the future?

For now I’m going to contribute and to use ClassicPress in building simple projects. The draft plan is to create 3-5 websites powered by ClassicPress in 2019-2020, support them and watch for a while. This would give some data to analyze and a bunch of examples to offer migration to other clients, if everything is alright. Then it would be possible to gradually increase the ratio of CP projects in the whole set up to 50-70%.

I’m also waiting for CP 2.0 (or any remarkable 1.x) release to introduce this project to some huge Russian-speaking IT resources, e.g. I have enough “karma” to publish posts there. Hope it helps.

Done fast; done cheap; done well: what’s your choice(s) and why?

A separate choice for each goal.

When I was younger I tried to make everything quite well. But later I realized that perfectionism can be excessive and even destructive in some cases. Different goals set different priorities. So I’m learning to switch between those choices depending on current circumstances. To my mind being flexible is better than being just quick, or just profitable or just good.

Probably, the formula is “to do the best I can within these terms and this budget”. But the default priority is still doing the best 🙂

Introducing the new ClassicPress Website

Just over one year ago ClassicPress was started by Scott. Today, we have ClassicPress V1 out in the wild, are working hard towards V2, and are continuing to see our community grow. With the one year mark we are excited to announce a new website for ClassicPress.

This website was built by our community, and it is these same community members who help push ClassicPress forward and will ensure we succeed long term on our mission to become the business CMS. 

This website has been a long time coming, so a special thank you to @timkaye, @raygulick, @codepotent, @1stepforward, @horlaes, @blueskyphoenix, (and others I am forgetting) for helping get it ready. 

If you notice any issues please let us know on GitHub

What is missing in the ClassicPress project that you could contribute to?

Every open source project has an amazing community where individuals can use their particular skillset to help the project evolve. To ensure the project is managed and promoted in a way that maintains its primary objective, it needs feedback and help from the ever-growing user base.

One of the reasons we created ClassicPress was because WordPress was not listening to its users. We do not want to make the same mistake. This project has a simple motto, “The business-focused CMS. Powerful. Versatile. Predictable”.

And we need you!

Committee members are continually improving the project in all areas, from coding to marketing, but they can’t do everything on their own. Every project born from a fork has a lot of work to do, especially in areas such as new infrastructure, defining roles, procedures, tools and organizing tasks. ClassicPress is up against a big competitor in WordPress and it is not easy to compete without resources, which in our case, comes down to people.

ClassicPress is a community-led project, and anyone can contribute to it. Since the project started, many people have helped in a variety of areas, and we are certainly very grateful for that. You can clearly see this in the discussions on our public forums and our Slack channels. We couldn’t have launched Aurora without you!

As we move toward version 2, we need your support.

Many people are watching ClassicPress to see what we will do, and we need more hands to move it forward. If you are not a developer, designer, marketer or a native English speaker, you may be wondering, “How can I help?”

Well, you are already contributing to the project by reading this article! 🙂

Actually, it is very easy to contribute, depending on your available time. We have prepared a small list of example tasks where you can help the project and be part of our community.

Let’s start!

  • Join the forums and our Slack channels
    • In the forums, subscribe to the categories that you are interested in most and join discussions
    • On Slack, join our public meetings
  • Help us with theme development for the ClassicPress website
  • Help us with promotion on Twitter and other social media platforms by sharing our content (or writing your own!)
  • Spread the word about the project with your co-workers or at events
  • Help us with writing documentation about ClassicPress
    • If you do video, we would also like some short videos about ClassicPress
  • Test various WordPress plugins with ClassicPress and ask plugin authors to support it
  • If you are not a native English speaker, contribute to the localizing of the code messages in your language
  • If you are a developer, check the GitHub issues and join discussions or make pull requests
  • Donate a small sum of money to enable the infrastructure to keep growing

We invite you to help us by finding the areas where we are lacking — how can we make it easier for you to contribute to ClassicPress?

We look forward to your comments!

Photo by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash