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Meet the Community: Lesley Jones

Our assorted zoo, which at the moment comprises 11 cats (mostly rescues from Eastern Europe), 6 rescued ferrets (who have the run of their own room), 2 llamas and 4 Golden Guernsey goats.

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Meet the Community: Wade Striebel

The Basics ClassicPress Slack Handle: Wade Striebel ClassicPress Forum Handle: @wadestriebel Twitter: @wadestriebel Website: Where in the world are you located? Canada Tell us

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Meet the Community: Andy Towler

The Basics ClassicPress username: zigpress Social Media Handles: ZigPress, @zigpress Your website: Where in the world are you located? Originally UK, then Malta for many

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Meet the Community: Alan Coggins

I’m the sort of person who constantly has to be learning new stuff, so working with computers is an ideal area for me. I love problem solving and having to think my way around finding the optimal answer to a new question.

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Meet the Community: James Nylen

ClassicPress is already my preferred solution for most new websites that need a CMS. I’m also looking at moving client sites over to ClassicPress, though there are still some more challenges to solve first, mostly around plugin compatibility and support.

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