In order to submit a plugin to the ClassicPress Plugin Directory, please follow these steps:

  1. Register on the ClassicPress Forum; if you will be submitting plugins on behalf of a company, use an official company email.
  2. Navigate to the ClassicPress Plugin Directory and sign in using your ClassicPress Forum user.
  3. Click your name/avatar in the top right corner and select Create Develop Profile.
  4. Navigate to your developer profile and click the New Plugin button.
  5. Complete all fields on the New Plugin page, being careful to select the correct Plugin Type; the plugin repository on GitHub must contain a complete, final, version.
  6. Once plugins have been submitted, they will be queued for review; submitted plugins must adhere to the Plugin Directory Guidelines.

If any issues with the submitted plugin is found, the Plugin Directory moderators will contact the developer(s) and work with them towards a resolution.

Once approved a plugin will appear in the ClassicPress Plugin Directory.