#Plugin Developer? Here’s why you should join ClassicPress

    1. Grow your audience — gain new loyal users with minimal effort.
    2. Enjoy a free market with low competition between plugins (no giants yet!)
    3. Benefit from a helpful community.

New to ClassicPress? Please visit the about page. In short, this is a fork of WordPress 4.9 with its own roadmap, values, audience and some security improvements.

#Who are our your new users

ClassicPress unites many different people from all over the world (mostly Northern America and Europe). The core of our community is deeply integrated with business and development. We are:

  • Website developers
  • Web studios and agencies
  • Business owners
  • Hosting providers

This isn’t just about giving your time to the community. Often, you can get it back! Please visit the plugins section of our forums to find out what working in a truly collaborative open source environment can look like. You are welcome to post releases, get feedback, do research and look for contributors when needed. The ClassicPress community is quite open and friendly.

ClassicPress is already supported by Softaculous and Installatron. We are gaining ground, and we expect to get many more installs, users, partners and friends every day!


Your plugin will normally work in ClassicPress if it supports:

  • WordPress 4.9.x
  • PHP 5.6 or higher

Technically, that’s all :] Simple, isn’t it?

#How to introduce/promote your plugin to ClassicPress users

  • Submit your plugin to our plugin directory [planned, in progress].
  • Tag your plugin with ‘ClassicPress’ to allow users to easily find them when searching on the WordPress.org site or repositories via the ClassicPress admin panel.
  • Share a post about how your plugin supports ClassicPress in the Plugins section of our forums.
  • Get the word out by offering a helpful post (article, tutorial) for our Blog, like this or this.

#Some specific features of ClassicPress

    • Our Security page API can be used to organize your security settings. Your plugin will receive a special ‘Security badge’ in a plugin list.
    • ClassicPress plugin directory [in progress] is a way to share your plugin releases direct from GitHub.
    • GitHub-friendly environment.

You are free to decide what features to use (or not to use). Consider them as opportunities to make your plugin even more powerful and popular.

#Dev recipes

#Best practice to detect ClassicPress via a plugin

function is_classicpress() {
    if ( function_exists( 'classicpress_version' ) ) {
        return true;
    } else {
        return false;

#Moving your security settings under Security section

if ( function_exists( '\add_security_page' ) ) {
		'My Prodigious Plugin',
		'My Menu Title',
} else {
	// existing code

Further reading: Security page API