ClassicPress 1.0.0-rc1 is live!

ClassicPress RC1

Today we’re excited to announce the release of ClassicPress 1.0.0-rc1, available immediately.

We have now left the “beta” release stage, and we are one step closer to a full, stable release that will serve as our foundation for many more future releases.

Here is a short list of the most important changes in this release, as compared to our last one, 1.0.0-beta2:

  • Finish porting changes from WordPress for PHP 7.3 compatibility.
  • Remove most links to and features that use accounts.
  • Fix any known bugs that are new to ClassicPress.
  • Miscellaneous other “polish” such as better organization for new files and improving the experience around ClassicPress installation and default themes.

We need your help!

Testing is critical — if we have any new bugs in ClassicPress 1.0.0-rc1, we need to know now so that we can get them fixed before the final release!  We invite you to put your new or existing ClassicPress sites on rc1 as soon as possible, and let us know if you see any issues, especially with regard to any of the areas that we changed.

For more information, including links to download the release, installation instructions, and a more specific list of changes, please see the release announcement on our forums.

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